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Manufacturer of dried fruits in Iran with the Sib Salamat brand



A fresh taste of nature

We are proud to be the creator of sweet moments for you and your children with the Harain brand, which is rooted in the cultural richness of our motherland, Iran. This brand is registered as a company active in the field of producing all kinds of fruit chips and dried fruits, dried vegetables, fruit powder and tea. It is our honor to guard your health, dear ones.

Obtaining the necessary licenses in the field of production, the health apple mark and exports to different countries is proof of this claim…

میوه خشک هرایین

What is dried fruit?

dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a form of fruit in which most (sometimes all) of the water in the fruit is removed by natural methods: use of sun, or industrial methods; It is removed from the fruit using home or industrial dryers. The use of dried fruit has been popular since ancient times (fourth century BC) and for many reasons, including various tastes, nutritional value and the possibility of relatively long-term storage, it has been the nature of people in different times.

Haraein is a familiar name in the country's dried fruit industry

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صادرات میوه خشک
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Iranian product, global perspective

We are proud to meet domestic needs and sweeten the palate of our dear compatriots, looking at global regional markets, we have been able to place Iran’s name among the exporters of dried fruits in the world and prove to ourselves that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance. .

The quality of Harain products has been proven for all domestic and foreign customers and we are trying to offer health to all our consumers while paying attention to quality.

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